Core hole drilling is a technique specifically designed to remove a cylinder of material. The material left inside the drill bit is referred to as the ‘core’. Core drilling leaves smooth circular holes which are used for running pipes and cables.

Our high performance machines can drill concrete, reinforced concrete, refractory/AZS, steel and other metals, all forms of stone, masonry and brick from 16 mm up to 1 m in diameter. We specialise in large diameter core hole drilling.

We drill any angle including horizontal, vertical, inclined, inverted and even via remote control. We have a variety of hydraulic and electrical core hole drills and power packs to suit any job.

We are often called upon for specialised drilling work which requires our core drills and/or drills bits to be modified to suit. We can even custom design and build drills for complex jobs where standard machines are not adequate or appropriate. This is common in high temperature and confined space environments.

We also recently performed hydraulic inverted core drilling via remote control into a live glass furnace with temperatures in excess of 1,600°C.

See our famous ‘ghost drill’ which was a worldwide sensation in core hole drilling. Even the most experienced drillers could not work out how the ‘ghost drill’ actually worked or why we used this technique. The ‘ghost drill’ was designed to drill into drainage pipes which had to be replaced at the bottom of a waste water holding tank.