Wall sawing is a highly accurate method used for cutting openings and recesses in concrete structures. We are also able to cut inverted—where we cut from underneath, and via remote control to ensure operator safety on high risk jobs.

We use traditional wall saws as well as track mounted wall saws depending on the nature of the job.

For track mounted wall sawing, a track supports a travelling saw head, safety guard and a circular steel blade with diamond segments. The track is bolted to the concrete surface while the saw head is operated by a remote control. The rotating blade is powered by a hydraulic or electric power pack and travels backwards and forwards along the rails. As the blade makes a series of passes over the surface, a cut is made. With extensive track, our machine can cut quickly and highly efficiently. Our track saw has the capacity to cut to 500 mm deep.

Our wall saws can cut almost any material including concrete, reinforced concrete, refractory/AZS, steel and other metals, all forms of stone, masonry and brick.

Extreme Cut Services recently cut high tension steel bolts on an interstate highway bridge via remote control—a high risk operation. Tandem saws were used to ensure precision cutting of the steel bolts. The track mounted saw was operated via remote control to ensure the safety of the operators as the steel bolts exploded when they were cut off.