We have improved the planning of jobs for customers to ensure that risk is considered and machine capability and capacity is considered. We have years of experience in shutdowns and high risk jobs and can contribute valuable experience and expertise to make sure your job runs on time and within budget.

If you or your contractors can’t solve your cutting and drilling problems, we can help. Many of our customers call upon Extreme Cut Services time and again due to our knowledge and expertise in cutting and drilling. We provide solutions that others can’t. We guarantee we will come up with an efficient, innovative and cost effective solution—every time.

Extreme Cut Services came up with a unique solution to cut high tension steel bolts on an interstate highway bridge via remote control—a high risk operation. Tandem saws were used to ensure precision cutting of the steel bolts. The track mounted saw was operated via remote control to ensure the safety of the operators as the steel bolts exploded when they were cut off.

We also recently performed hydraulic inverted core drilling via remote control into a live glass furnace with temperatures in excess of 1,600°C.