Why Use Us?

  • We use state of the art equipment which means less downtime and saves you time and money.
  • We think ‘outside the square’ and can come up with efficient, innovative and cost effective solutions for the most difficult jobs.
  • As an owner operator, our prices don’t include big overheads like larger companies.
  • We have access to an extensive range of suppliers including machine shops and engineering service providers ensuring we use the very latest technology.
  • We can provide valuable input at planning stages. We are highly experienced in shut downs, high risk jobs and can apply our expertise to make sure your job runs smoothly.
  • We are flexible to your needs. We can work on short term jobs but we also have on-going arrangements with many of our customers who call upon Extreme Cut Services time and again due to our intimate knowledge of their business and operational requirements.
  • We put safety first. Always.

Relationships First

We develop relationships with our customers based on our reputation for delivering efficient, innovative and cost effective cutting and drilling solutions. We are able to maintain these relationships by putting our customer’s needs first, being responsive and delivering results—every time.

Our aim is to be your first point of call for your cutting and drilling needs. When you have a cutting or drilling problem, call Extreme Cut Services.